Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Coachella 2013..or not

as the world knows this weekend is week 1 of coachella, all the apartments are cleared out with only a few stragglers cramming their cars full, ready for a weekend of good music, good friends and let's just say good times. i unfortunately will not be joining these lucky folks but for those of you like me, do not fret there is still hope. coachella has set up a life stream for a majority of the acts so guess what people, we can enjoy live music from the comfort of our apts, so there!

check it out here

while were waiting for the excitment to begin, check out some of my favorite vid's of some quality musicians performing live.

kids- mgmt (leeds & reading festival)

houdini- foster the people (acoustic)

crimewave- crystal castles (reading festival)

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