Monday, August 26, 2013

3 Foods You Should Grab Instead of a Pastry

"train your mind to see the good in everything." 

in order to prevent that post cinnamon swirl regret, try keeping these 5 health-ified sweets on hand as an alternative. trust me, your waistline and conscience will thank you. 

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we all know how delicious a blueberry muffin or piece of coffee cake can be with your morning coffee, especially when you are late and rushing out the door in the morning... sans bfast.

  1. strawberry nutri-grain bar: only 120 calories and containing 11 grams of sugar, this sweet treat hits all the right notes without sending you into a sugar coma
  2. fruit smoothie: try whipping up a sweet, creamy blend of frozen berries and soy milk to curb your morning sweet tooth. you will get all that sugary goodness without the carbs and the added bonus of antioxidants
  3. peanut butter & honey pita: you cannot get much better than smearing pb and honey on a piece of whole wheat pita bread. it is a sweet and satisfying treat full of protein to keep you energized and focus until lunchtime. the only real hesitation involved is creamy or crunchy? 

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