Thursday, August 15, 2013

Outside Lands 2013: What I Heard

Because I have so much to share about my three days in the wonderful sf golden gate park, i am instating a three part outside lands series. starting with the music of course...

you literally could not have dropped me in a more perfect place: non-stop live music, delicious local food and 65,000 people just as passionate about music as i am. for 72 hours i got to run around without a care in the world, clad in my staple wardrobe of boots, scarves and sweaters. i don't think my face has ever been so sore from smiling, my voice so hoarse from singling and my neck so knotted from swaying to the beat. 

the weekend started off with a chill vibe, my friends and i laying on the grass listening to the smith westerns in the background. the mellow crowd clattering around us set the stage for what was to come. 

there is no way to clump all the music i saw into one category so i made three. here we go.
my favs: my favs are the classics, bands that i listen to on the reg and couldn't help but scream for when they came on stage. 
  1. vampire weekend
  2. phoenix
  3. band of horses
suprised by: these bands i had researched and was ready to see and ended up being pleasantly surprised by. let's just say they have a special place on my spotify playlist now.
    1. youth lagoon 
    2. rhye 
    3. zedd  
discoveries: you can't go to a music festival without exploring the music, with so many people playing my favorite thing to do was wander...and listen. 
    1. smith westerns 
    2. wavves
    3. chromatics  

nontheless all of these artists should be added to your music library asap. i can help you out with that. be sure to check out my outside lands 2013 playlist below. 

oh and watch out for parts ii and iii (wardrobe and food will be involved!) 

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