Wednesday, August 21, 2013

5 iPhone Apps You Don't Want To Miss Out On

photo editing

  • this photo editing app for your phone has an endless number of subtle filters to add just the right amount of edge to your photos. the textures and light effects make the app even more fun and for those of you who are fans of frames, you will be in heaven. oh and they make it easy to export to your instagram! 

Song Kick 
music discovery

  • my go to music app, song kick organizes all of my music in one place. it downloads the artists on your iPod and notifies you when one of your artists goes on tour or adds a show near you. now i never have to worry about missing a gig again. 

Find My Friends 

  • admittedly creepy but way too much fun, this app allows you to follow friends and locate them on a map. it may not be necessary for everyday use but for those trips to vegas, it sure does come in handy. 

My Fitness Pal 

  • i love this app because it makes it easy for me to track my daily caloric intake. the selection of nutritional information is vast and accurate. my favorite feature: you can scan a barcode on a food label and the app will import the nutritional information so say goodbye to manual input!


  • i don't know about you but my slight obsession with music keeps me constantly on the lookout for new beats to put on my iPod. this app lets you hold your phone up to the speaker and will identify the song name and artist. too cool! now i don't have to worry about never knowing the name of a song. 

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